Bar’s Amazing Trivia Night Makes Players Recreate Famous Album Covers

Bars are good fun if you’re into that scene, but it’s undeniable is that there are very few options for bar games. Billiards and darts are a standard—sometimes a place will have an arcade machine. For more community-based fare, trivia nights do well, but there’s one bar in England that is taking the game to a whole new level.

London pub The Gun hosts a music trivia night called “Music Is The Answer,” and it seems pretty typical, except for one amazing challenge ( via NME). In the game, there’s a round called “Cover For Me,” and the rules are simple: Teams are shown an album cover, and they then have ten minutes to re-create it as best as they can using only what they can get their hands on in that time.Sometimes it looks pretty easy, like striking a Madonna pose, as seen above. Then there are times where amazing outside-the-box thinking is required. For instance, this guy below painted his face with something pink and made big paper teeth to recreate the art of FKA Twigs’ LP1:

This squad put plastic containers on their heads to emulate Devo:

And this participant showed about as much dedication as we’ve ever seen, drawing on his chest and covering his body in ketchup to pull off an amazing DMX tribute:

The pub has started posting some of the game’s best entries on a dedicated Tumblr blog, so check out some more fine examples here. As for American bars, learn something from The Gun and step your game up, because this game looks like too much fun for us not to try.

Featured Image: Cover for me

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