Bandcamping: The Best Underground Albums of April 2017

It looks like those of us in the northeastern part of the country are done with the false alarms, and we can confidently say that finally, it is spring. With the changing of the seasons comes a change in the music we listen it (it does for me, anyway). Spring music is meant to be an injection of happiness to break us out of our cold winter husks, and in that regard, the hard-working artists of Bandcamp have delivered.

This month’s edition of Bandcamping brings mainly indie rock, of the high-energy and mid-tempo varieties, so soundtrack your shorts-wearing ventures outside, so check out our picks below, beginning with:

5. Love Eggssss by ssssnakes

Genre: punk, indie rock, alternative rock
If you like: The Dead Kennedys, The Men, Cloud Nothings

This’ll kickstart your day better than any cup of coffee can. This UK-based punk group just dropped a collection of songs that are kinetic, but also reigned in enough to make some sense. Punk can be hard to get right without sounding anachronistic, but ssssnakes are perfectly composed as they turn it up well beyond 11.

4. Love Life EP by Boys Will Be Boys

Genre: indie rock
If you like: Ariel Pink, Mac DeMarco

This Latvian group has the art of relaxation down to a science, in a way that would make slacker rockers like Mac DeMarco proud. The songs move you, but not too quickly, because let’s just chill out for a second, man.

3. Endless Nights and Dreamlike Mornings by Abrdeen

Genre: indie rock, indie pop
If you like: Real Estate, Best Coast, Tennis

Slow-paced classic pop is lovely for easing into spring, and Canadian group Abrdeen goes the Tennis route by taking that influence and bringing it to modern times. The sound is timeless, yet it avoids sounding redundant. Think well-aged, not old.

2. The Family Plots by The Family Plots

Genre: indie rock, indie folk
If you like: Owen, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens

Remember the mid-2000s, when you could just be an indie folk band without facing accusations of being contrived? That’s a time The Family Plots hearkens back to, and it’s a real delight. The songs are organic but atmospheric, and through and through, the Virginia group’s debut album is an easy listening delight.

1. Play Till You Win by Cassandra Jenkins

Genre: indie pop, Americana
If you like: St. Vincent, Wilco

Although the standout track and album opener “Candy Cane” sounds like quirky St. Vincent-branded indie rock/pop, beyond that lies a cohesive tribute to the Americana music from which all modern forms spawned. The engaging songwriting blends styles both contemporary and vintage.

Honorable Mentions

Friends by Max Psuja
Genre: electronica
If you like: Aphex Twin, Four Tet

Tides by Static Shore
Genre: indie pop, electronica
If you like: modern Daft Punk, Hot Chip

That’s all for April, but until next time, let us know in the comments which of these albums were your favorites, what we missed, and what we should look forward to. If you missed out on March, check it out here (and the complete Bandcamping archives are here).

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