Bad Lip Reading Turns OBI-WAN KENOBI Into ‘Larry’s Story Time’

Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ gave us an all new appreciation for the Jedi Master. Following the fall of the Republic he didn’t just sit around Tatooine waiting for Luke Skywalker to grow up. A decade after Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan answered Bail Organa’s call and rescued Leia from Inquisitors. He also fought his former Padawan again and took mercy on a defeated Darth Vader. But that’s just one man’s epic story from the galaxy far, far away. Not everyone was fighting Sith Lords and reconnecting with the Force during Palpatine’s reign. Some people got to party, people like Larry. Okay, that’s not an official Star Wars character, but he would be a fun one to meet. Because some bad lip reading and ridiculous old tales make for one very absurd Obi-Wan video.

The YouTube channel Auralnauts turned Obi-Wan Kenobi into “Larry.” (In a video we first saw at Geeks Are Sexy.) Well, technically that’s just one of his many aliases. But when you’re hopping around the galaxy with influencers from Coolworld things are going to get funky. Here’s the official synopsis for this ridiculous re-imagining of the Jedi’s old life as told to “Duke”:

If you have the time to listen, old Obi Wan Steven Ben Larry Bongjo Kenobi will tell you stories about the glory days. Stories you wouldn’t, and probably shouldn’t believe. Stories that don’t seem very important at first, but may end up being the most important thing to ever happen. If you’re lucky, he might even reveal the biggest mystery of them all: what’s with all the aliases?
Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope

We’re not saying the old days were better. We’re just saying Sandworld would have been a lot more fun if people kept dance fighting.

That’s also true of actual Star Wars. Sure, Obi-Wan Kenobi told a compelling and emotional story. But maybe the galaxy could have found peace sooner if it replaced lightsabers with some funky moves.

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