‘My Stick!’ STAR WARS Spoof Song Is Ultra-Catchy

“The greatest teacher, failure is,” the infinitely wise Yoda tells Luke in The Last Jedi. But while that’s certainly some sage advice from the Jedi Master, what’s possibly an even more effective teaching tool is the “child of a log”: a.k.a., a stick. Listen to Yoda (rap)sodize about his mighty didactic stick in this Bad Lip Reading spoof song, “My Stick!,” for evidence of that possibility, as well as a dose of some classic Star Wars-inspired comedy stylings. Although listeners should be warned that this song is a total ear-exogorth.

Mashable picked up on “My Stick!,” which was recently posted to the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel with the brief caption, “Yoda lectures Luke on the merits of his beloved stick.” There isn’t any other context given as to why the channel picked this particular aspect of the divisive eighth installment of the main Star Wars ennealogy to musically spoof, although maybe it was whispered into the mind of the channel’s creator by some kind of Force ghost. That would certainly explain why the song is catchier than an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer tractor beam.

My Stick, a new Star Wars song out from YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading, is as catchy as any John Williams score.

The music video uses footage almost entirely from a single scene from The Last Jedi, in which Yoda tells a forlorn Luke that it’s time for him “to look past a pile of old books,” and keep in mind that Jedi Masters are “what [they] grow beyond.” It’s a scene that completely turns Luke’s reasoning regarding Rey on its head, right after he’s literally hit on the head with Yoda’s stick. (We’re sensing some deep themes here, which means this song, like the sacred Jedi texts, may be studied for millennia to come by wannabe Jedi Masters and people who’ve had too much “gravy.”)

While the song is hilarious, and next-level catchy, there was a bit of a missed opportunity here to lyrically explain that Yoda’s stick is actually quite special. It’s actually a “gimer stick,” which the Wookieepedia notes is a type of walking stick that was given to Yoda by the Wookies. Yoda used the stick while serving as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order on Coruscant, and, of course, during his exile on Dagobah, not only as a walking aid, but also as a source of nutritious juices. The gimer stick also helped Yoda with his meditative practices, and even served as a handy (literally) painkiller.


Finally, for those wondering where a bunch of the song’s esoteric references come from—e.g. the hate for seagulls—they mostly allude to a previous Yoda-centric song produced by Bad Lip Reading, dubbed “SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now).” That equally catchy track (directly above) has racked up nearly 100 million views on YouTube, and it’s quite possible “My Stick!” could ultimately perform just as well. It’s hard to imagine anybody could be turned off by this kind of schtick, right?

What do you think about Bad Lip Reading’s newest Star Wars spoof track? Are you happy to have this track stuck in your coconut, or do you wish Yoda would come along and knock you on the head so you can forget you ever heard it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Images: Bad Lip Reading 

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