You Can Walk Over This 2,000-Foot Glass Bridge in a Gorgeous Valley

I do not know why, but for some reason humans love to walk over and look down at things. For example, I got the bright idea to do the Skywalk bridge at the Grand Canyon. I am a person who loves rollercoasters and such. But when I took a look down and saw the true deepness of this natural marvel, my (then twentysomething) knees almost gave out. So I know I will not being taking a visit to walk across a new pedestrian bridge in Vietnam. The Bach Long pedestrian bridge is a glass bottom wonder that’s 2,000 feet long and sitting a cool 500 feet above a gorgeous valley. (Thanks to DesignTaxi for bringing this to our attention.) 

A look down the Bach Long pedestrian bridge in Vietnam
Mac Chau National Tourist Area Management Board

Bach Long, which means white dragon, is in the Moc Chau district of the Son La province in Northwestern Vietnam. Everything about this long glass pedestrian bridge in Vietnam is transparent, which offers some serious views for those who are brave enough to trek across it. Yes, I know it isn’t as high up as the Skywalk. But I don’t care. I do hope others enjoy it, though. 

It’s already getting lots of tourist attention with over 15,000 people taking a brave walk across since its late April opening. But the Bach Long glass pedestrian bridge could be the longest one in the world, according to The Independent. That determination will be left up to the Guinness Book of World Records, of course. Either way, it is quite the bridge spectacle to behold… from the comfort of my own couch. It’s not creepy like the “ Singing Ringing Tree” but still scary in its own way. For those of you who will make your way to Vietnam to brave this glass bridge, the tickets are VND 650,000 (US$28.30) for adults and VND 450,000 (US$19.60) for kids on weekends and holidays. Look down, if you dare, and nab some Instagrammable photos for all of us.

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