Baby Yoda Immortalized In Limited Edition Print

Lucasfilm was so committed to keeping The Mandalorian‘s big secret they did the seemingly unthinkable. They didn’t have any Baby Yoda merch ready to go, despite the show premiering last November—right before the holiday season. Every Star Wars fan in the world was desperate to get their hands on some the second they first saw the little green guy. But Disney knows how often toy leaks end up being spoilers and didn’t want to ruin the surprise. That’s not a problem anymore though, so now we’re getting all the Baby Yoda merch we could want. But if you want to take home this great new print from Bottleneck Gallery you’ll have to act fast, because it’s a timed limited edition.

And time is running out.

Bring Baby Yoda Home With This Limited Timed Print_1Bottleneck Gallery/Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

This piece, titled “Little Bounty,” comes from artist Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos. The 8 x 10 inch piece features “The Child” in his instantly iconic, oversized brown robe looking up. Despite his diminutive physical stature, he overflows from the piece’s frame, making him seem even bigger than he is. We’re not sure though if he’s a little worried, a little sad, or a little confused. Even a less than happy Baby Yoda is still adorable though, thanks to his big ears and puppy-dog eyes. And whatever is wrong we know Mando is there to look after him.

Each print, released in conjunction with the official Star Wars licensee Acme Archives, will be hand-numbered. However, we don’t know how many will be sold just yet. This is a timed edition piece. The number of prints ultimately produced will be determined by how many are ordered. And they’re only available to order for a few more days.

You have until Sunday, February 2, at 11:59 p.m. ET to place yours. “It’s sold out forever” after that. Considering it only has a $40 price tag, we would recommend placing your order now if you are on the fence. Worst case scenario you end up having a great gift to give a fellow Star Wars fans.

Best case scenario it becomes a great part of the de facto shrine to the cutest little fella in the galaxy far, far away you are going to create in your home. There’s already a ton of great merch coming soon. And this print comes right on the heels of Sideshow Collectibles announcing their new life-sized Baby Yoda statue. Imagine how great it would look hanging this print behind your own Yodaling statue. You might end up having Werner Herzog ringing your bell one day because he “would like to see the baby.”

Werner Herzog's mysterious and sinister Client in The Mandalorian.Lucasfilm

Bottleneck Gallery expects to begin shipping “Little Bounty” sometimes in the next four to six weeks. That’s still a lot longer than we’d like to wait for one. But we shouldn’t complain. We know it wasn’t all that long, long ago when we had no idea when any Baby Yoda products would be available. We much prefer that “this is the way” now.

Featured Image: Bottleneck Gallery/Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

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