Watch an Adorable Baby Skunk Chase After a Robot Skunk

Skunks are misunderstood. The little black-and-white critters get a bad rap for their stinky omissions, disruptive digging, and proclivity towards rabies, but in reality they’re some of the cutest  animals out there. Like a cuddly little cat… that just so happens to shoot smelly liquid out of its anal gland. (Hey, we didn’t say they were perfect.)

If you’re like us and totally charmed by skunks, you’ll love this video featured on the YouTube channel ViralHog, which shares a variety of user-submitted clips, from cute animal stuff to wild police chases and more. Their latest shows an especially cute and fluffy little skunk chasing after a remote-controlled version of himself.

Too cute, right?!

According to the video’s description, it was taken on August 17, 2017 in Silver City, New Mexico. The person who submitted it added this note:

“We have tons of dog and cat toys and we dug out this skunk kind of toy.. He follows it a bit but he’s too young to really play with it. This was a month ago and he can manhandle that little skunk now..”

We’d love to see an updated video with the grown skunk totally decimating its robotic counterpart. Although that might be a little less cute and a little more terrifying, like a deranged skunk version of Westworld.

What do you think? Are skunks totally adorable or totally gross? If you fall in the “gross” camp, did this video help win you over? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Viral Hog

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