Silicone Baby Jabba Sculpture Is Alarmingly Adorable

You might remember earlier this year when we first showed you Baby Jabba from the mind of artist Leonardo Viti. (Or you might not—a lot has happened since then.) Not only did this adorable reimagining of the gangster Hutt capture our attention, it caught the eye of another artist. Sculptor Nicholas Brown, also known as LoreCraft, crafted his very own bouncing baby Hutt. And you can order one right now—but it’s going to cost you a lot of credits.

Baby Jabba by Lore-Craft


LoreCraft offers the mini Hutts, which we first learned about from Geeks Are Sexy, in a variety of colors. Each one is molded from FX grade platinum silicone, airbrushed, and hand-painted. No two Baby Jabbas are alike. The shading and small details, like the wrinkle patterns on the baby’s arms, show LoreCraft’s astounding attention to getting the baby just right. Baby Jabba comes with a detachable tongue and optional basket for display.

The artist captured the entire project, beginning with the clay sculpture for the silicone mold all the way to airbrushing, in this incredible time-lapse video.

There are only a limited quantity for sale in LoreCraft’s shop, so don’t delay in ordering one–especially if you want to give one to the lucky Jabba the Hutt fan or Star Wars collector in your life. (Or big fans of the baby in Dinosaurs.) And, of course, artistry of this caliber isn’t cheap! Each adorable sculpture costs £495.00.

LoreCraft Jabba


As much as you might want to hold the baby, these little stinkers aren’t made for handling. Baby Jabba is more of a showpiece. Much like Han Solo in carbonite hanging on the wall, it’s meant to be looked at and admired, and it will quickly become your favorite decoration. You’ll like Baby Jabba where he is.

Kelly Knox is a freelance entertainment writer in Seattle, WA who writes for  Star Wars, DC Comics, and more. Her first book,  Marvel Monsters, comes out in 2021 from DK Books. 

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