Baby Crocodiles Sound Exactly Like SPACE INVADERS

For some reason evolution enjoys producing creatures that make noises reminiscent of science-fiction sound effects. Like these elk who sound like “Nazgul coming for your soul,” for example, or these seals who sound like spaceships in a James Cameron movie. Now we can add to the list of audibly sci-fi animals baby crocodiles, who sound like the destruction of an alien ship in the classic ’70s arcade game, Space Invaders. And yes we know that the creatures came before the sci-fi, but that’s not the point!

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Happy friday the thirteenth full harvest moon crazy epic awesomeness!!! To take the chill out of such a frightening and energetical day hahaha I will give u happy smiling babies!!! Not just any babies but some of our #cubancrocodile babies. One of last years clutch! Our interaction is phenomenal it’s actually awesome! They follow me and my hand anywhere and just wanna be anywhere I am! It’s a great start to a beautiful friday the thirteenth! Have an awesome day and weekend! Be safe be healthy smile and laugh and love a lot! ?????!!! #babycrocsrock #crocodiles #reptilesofinstagram #awesome #life #love #reptiles #donate #thedragonwoodconservancy #nonprofit #conservation #conservancy #adorable #babyanimals #crocodilelove

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First off, we’re not going to lie, there’s somewhat of a pitch difference between the baby crocodiles in the Insta clips and alien invaders blowing up on contact with a defense laser in the ’70s video game. But listen closely. Go back and forth between the baby croc videos and gameplay footage from Space Invaders (below) like we did; again and again and again, and then again. The similarities will emerge and amusement will be had.

The videos, which come via Laughing Squid, were posted to Instagram by Brad Valle, who seems to be employed by the Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy. (There’s some discrepancy between a Facebook post and Valle’s profile.) Valle, who Dragonwood refers to as an “incredibly dedicated and caring keeper,” demonstrates his animal-handling skills in the video, whispering sweet words of encouragement to the frighteningly adorable reptiles as well as exclamations of “crocodile kisses.”

Setting aside the Space Invader-esque sounds, can we just do a quick check-in to see if anybody else is getting mixed “cuddle” and “run like I’m on fire” vibes from these baby crocodiles? I.e. do we want crocodile kisses too or nah? Tough call considering what they look like when they grow up.

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SEA DOG has a message for you all butttttttttt since he’s a tad bit busy devouring a 2nd 30lb Turkey he left me with the honors …( just because he can swallow that in 30 seconds doesn’t mean he doesn’t have respect when it comes to talking with food in the mouth ????) !!! I finally met my Thanksgiving match wait till he has mas sweet potatoe pie or smells her ham cooking I’ll fight him for it ?????!!! Anyways from all of us to all of you have a safe wonderful and full tummied holiday !!! A big crocodile HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all !!! ???? thank you to everyone who makes this possible much love!!! And to those who do not celebrate thanksgiving it’s still wicked cool to see a croc eating a Turkey!! Be safe Come hangry Stuff your face With your loved ones At a special place Steady wins the race Or the couch Will become The days final resting space Sawing logs with Uncle Frank Grandpa Larry And sister Mary ?? ?????? #reptilesrock #saltwatercrocodile #seadogthesaltwatercroc #reptiles #crocodiles #happythanksgiving #thedragonwoodconservancy #crocodylusporosus #crocodile #awesome #donate #life #love #conservation #conservancy #nonprofit

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What do you think of these baby crocs and their penchant for sounding like Tomohiro Nishikado’s masterpiece? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Thomas Quine

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