These Seals Sound Like Sci-fi Spaceships

A galactic spaceship? An inter-dimensional transporter? The cries of a distant alien civilization? No, these sci-fi noises are the real sounds of a seal found right here on Earth.

We all know what “sci-fi” noises sounds like and what they do. Those strange, mystical, unusual sound effects let us know we’re heading to the stars on a cosmic adventure, or that we’re traveling through a portal into another dimension. But it also turns out they are the very real noises made by Weddell seals, which are found in Antarctica on this planet.

Our friend  Kyle Hill assured us these sounds are real.

No, honestly, that’s a real sound they make, and it is amazing. However, it’s not one commonly heard above water. Those are usually used by Weddell seals below the waves.

Imagine visiting Antarctica and not knowing anything about them. If you heard that noise you would absolutely think you were about to be abducted by aliens. Or worse, that someone had just dug The Thing out of the ice.

But if you think one Weddell seal singing a sci-fi tune is incredible, wait until you hear this symphony of them, which is like the soundtrack to an amazing horror film set in deep space.

That was recorded on this planet! There’s no reason to be afraid that Weddell seals are secretly alien invaders biding their time, though. When they aren’t composing music for a James Cameron film, they’re cute and lovable (even if they are freaking huge, with full-sized ones growing to be the size of a horse). Now we know: sci-fi sounds either mean we’ve fallen into another dimension or we’re near a Weddell seal.

We’re not sure which would be cooler.

Featured Image: WeddellSealScience

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