Axl Rose Has a Brand-New Song in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

It’s axiomatic that if an entertainer lives long enough, no matter how dangerous they may have seemed at one point, they will do something kid-friendly. Think Randy Newman effectively becoming the Toy Story guy, Richard Pryor in The Muppet Movie, Ozzy Osbourne as the lovably befuddled dad of reality TV, and now Axl Rose creating his first original song release in a decade for a Looney Tunes short.Found via Vulture, this new number called “Rock the Rock” is performed by an animated Rose, with Bugs Bunny and friends serving as his band, in hopes of defeating a sentient asteroid with the power of hard rock music. Since Rose’s vocals served as the backdrop to saving the world from doom once before (in Terminator 2: Judgment Day), he must have seemed like the right guy to call. As he recently served a stint as AC/DC’s temporary frontman, the Guns N’ Roses icon has also proven he can work with different groups. Why not a rabbit and pig?

It’s all part of the New Looney Tunes series coming to Boomerang, which brings back the classic characters along with some new ones (“Bigfoot” and “Squeaks the Squirrel” are name-checked in the official synopsis) for animated shorts. Bugs and Wile E. Coyote look basically the same, but Porky Pig is noticeably porkier, and the Tasmanian Devil is named Theodore. Welcome to the jungle, indeed.If the famously reclusive Rose can appear on the show, clearly the sky’s the limit for cameos. Maybe it’s time to call Tony Hawk back?

Image: Boomerang

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