Tom Holland Improvised His Final INFINITY WAR Scene

Whatever happens in the next Marvel film, specifically the next Avengers film, we’ll never forget how Infinity War wrapped and the impact it had. When it comes to the shocking ending of Infinity War, when Thanos snapped his fingers and turned half of Marvel’s greatest heroes into dust, there are basically two camps. There are those who found the entire sequence devastating, and those who couldn’t overcome the feeling it will be entirely undone in Avengers 4 so it didn’t bother them that much–except for Peter Parker‘s final sad plea to Tony Stark, which totally destroyed anyone with a pulse and a soul. Because even if he comes back, watching Spider-Man vanish while Iron Man held him in his arms was a gut punch combined with a kick in the heart moment.And it turns out Tom Holland improvised it.In a story we came across at Digital Spy, a reddit user said Infinity War co-director Joe Russo revealed at an event in Iowa that he told Holland to “act like you don’t want to go” during his final moments, which apparently led to Holland coming up with his heartbreaking “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark. I don’t want to go.” farewell.It’s not clear just how much he improvised, but this could be why he was the only one to get a significant (and vocal) goodbye during this sequence. Which is why we don’t know if we want to hug him or thank Thanos for what he did, because that was brutal to watch. It did not make us feel good, Tom, even if it was such a great way to go.How did you react to this scene? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Marvel

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