Comprehensive Video Shows INFINITY WAR’s Many Changes From Its Trailers

Between Thor’s introduction to the Guardians and the shot of an Avengers team that included the Hulk running into the Battle of Wakanda, Infinity War had some blatant omissions from its trailers. But a comprehensive video comparing what was seen in the movie to the footage shown in promos highlights just how many other changes there were between its teasers and what fans saw on the big screen. And not all of them were designed to mislead viewers. This detailed and meticulous comparison from the YouTube channel Zhiying Di (that we came across at Slashfilm) highlights the numerous changes between the trailers for “the most ambitious crossover event in history” and what made it into theaters. While some intentional misdirections are understandable, like hiding how many Infinity Stones Thanos had at certain points of the movie, others feel like an obvious attempt to deceive–like showing Hulk in the middle of the big fight. However the majority are small things,. like a slightly different camera angle, or minor improvements to the film’s visual effects or color palette.

By Odin’s beard, Infinity War wasn’t even the first Disney blockbuster that left potentially iconic moments on the cutting room floor–l ooking at you Rogue One–but that’s way more changes than we ever would have caught on our own. And while we’ve reluctantly accepted studio promos can’t be entirely trusted anymore, this does do an excellent job at showing how much fine-tuning takes place before a movie is finalized. Just because a complete trailer has been released doesn’t mean the film is complete. Even if Hulk not smash, green effects need work.

Which change do you think makes the most sense? Which one was the most egregious? Fine tune your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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