INFINITY WAR’s “How It Should Have Ended” Shows the Avengers Had Some Other Options

When Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to look into the future to see how things might turn out in the Avengers’ fight against Thanos, he saw 14,605 possible outcomes, and yet he found only one scenario where the good guys emerged victorious.

But maybe he should have looked at a few more timelines, because Infinity War‘s “ How It Should Have Ended” offers up some very plausible possibilities for how Earth’s mightiest heroes could have averted the Mad Titan’s snap-induced disintegration (and it would have led to one epic meal)

The latest video from one of our favorite YouTube channels answers some questions every Marvel fan has been asking since seeing the movie. Namely, “Why didn’t the Avengers just…?” etcetera etcetera. The answer is probably because Marvel needs a story to tell in Avengers 4, but this much happier ending offers up an even bigger crossover possibility by having the good guys win round one.

King Thor of Earth… yeah, I dig it. In fairness, though, it is possible Doctor Strange saw all of these exact outcomes, and they all ultimately still ended with Thanos winning the war. Perhaps the ending of Infinity War really is how it should have ended already, and we’ll just have to wait until Avengers 4 to see things sorted out the right way.

What do you think? Which alternate outcome here is the one you wondered about the most? We want this to end with you sharing your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: How It Should Have Ended

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