Which AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Character Describes You As A Friend?

Avengers: Infinity War had so many characters, each depicting so many different kinds of archetypes, that we’re surprised it took this long for someone to publicly ask the question “Which Infinity War character describes you best as a friend?”  The person posing this question was a Twitter user going by the name Elle, who with a handle like @shuriquill is clearly a big Marvel fan.

Their pairings of Avengers characters and friend types are astonishingly accurate. She included just about everyone in Infinity War, and even some MCU characters that weren’t in the movie at all. And for the record, it turns out I’m a Peter Quill kind of friend. You know, minus the chiseled good looks and amazing body of course.

And, just like Star-Lord, I have a special place in my heart for all my Gamoras out there.

She goes on to describe how each character in the movie embodies someone you probably know. And boy, do I know a lot of Peter Parkers. And you probably do too if you’re a nerd.

The Tony Stark friend is probably not someone you want to start dating. But you’ll probably really want to because they’re so damn charming.

Ah, Loki. The friend who is super fun to hang out with, but you know will screw you over the first chance they get and put your name in the Burn Book. Loki is THE mean girl. Just look at his hair.

If you don’t have an Okoye in your life already, you should probably hurry up and get one. Everyone needs an Okoye friend.

Back in high school, there’s a good chance you had a Nebula. pal. Or you were the Nebula friend (you know who you are.)

And finally, the Thanos, the one friend in the group everyone can’t stand, and you just wonder “who brought them into this circle? Did they just invite themselves?

And there’s a ton more where those came from, so be sure to check out the rest of Elle’s amazing thread on Twitter.

Which Avengers: Infinity War character best describes you as a friend? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Studios

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