Watch Hulk’s Hilarious Intro in AVENGERS: ENDGAME

Warning: If you still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame and are hoping to avoid spoilers, it’s probably too late. Rather than go on the internet today, you should have lived in a cave the last few weeks. Hey don’t blame us. It was the Russo Brothers themselves who announced the de facto spoiler embargo lifted on Monday. (Since the spoilery new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was set to hit the web that day). That’s why Marvel has flooded the airwaves with new commercials featuring major (and we do mean major) moments from the film.

It’s kind of weird how much they are openly giving away now. But, when you’ve already made $2 billion in worldwide box office, it’s probably safely assume just about everyone who wants to see it has. Maybe even a couple of times. We’re not complaining either; apparently along with these spoiler-heavy promos, we’ll also get entire scenes from the movie. Marvel has now shared Endgame‘s hilarious introduction to Professor Hulk. It’s one of Hulk’s best moments in the entire film.

Forcing Ant-Man to take a photo is genius. Yes, they did cut Scott Lang’s testy line about how the children should take their “g-damn phone back,” but these free clips on social media have to be kid-safe. If you want your g-d kids to know Ant-Man g-d swears, that’s your own g-d business.

As for the scene itself, we’re still laughing at how absurd the whole thing is. Spoiler alert: the revelation Bruce Banner has not only turned into a rage-less giant green monster, but that he’s now adopted a friendly, slightly condescending big man persona will always be funny.

Now if only Marvel could release about 700 more scenes from the movie on YouTube, preferably in order, and with the option to play them all uninterrupted, for free even, that would be something worth Hulking out over.

Featured Image: Marvel

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