AVENGERS: ENDGAME Is the Most Tweeted About Movie Of All Time

Last week, Avengers: Endgame did the impossible. The final film in the “Infinity Saga” made over $1 billion globally in its opening weekend, the first film to ever reach that number so fast. It shattered dozens of other records, firmly cementing it as a behemoth – one of the most celebrated and talked-about movies in modern history.

We’re still crying over some of the movie’s events, and we’re not alone. Fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the film: what they loved, what they didn’t love, what they can’t get over. All of that passionate chatter has helped land Endgame yet another record-breaking distinction: It’s now the most-tweeted about movie ever.

Twitter released the metrics and they’re pretty astronomical. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been more than 50 million tweets about Endgame, nearly half of which came in the last week alone. The most tweeted-about characters in the film are Thanos at number one and, surprisingly, Thor at number two. Looks like folks were just as touched by his story in the film as we were.


The countries that tweeted about Endgame the most were, in order, the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Indonesia, and France. That shows just how widespread adoration for the Marvel franchise goes.

Twitter also shared the most popular tweets about the film, including this celebratory post about Robert Downey, Jr.

And this one about just how emotional the film made audiences.

Endgame isn’t even in its second week of release and it’s already so giant, it seems impossible that another film could top it this year, or for many years beyond. What a fantastic achievement for the franchise; after 11 years and 22 movies, they earned it.

Images: Disney, Marvel

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