ATTACK ON TITAN Monster Trash Cans Consume Litter, Not Humans

Attack on Titan‘s Titans are no joke. In fact, these human-eating monsters are some of the scariest creatures around. But now, their voracious appetites have found a good use… Eating trash. Japan has official Attack on Titan trash and recycling cans roaming its streets. So people and Titans alike can enjoy super fandom while also helping the planet. And that, we think, we can all stan for.

These cans, which we first spotted on  Kotakudefinitely evoke a visceral reaction. To call them a little frightening is probably an understatement. But these Attack on Titan trash cans are meant to be frightening. Frightening enough to remind you to throw your trash away. And make you think twice about ever littering again.

Attack on Titan Trashcan - titan trash can screaming in the street

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Co., Ltd

These Titan trash cans come as part of an effort to encourage cleaner cities and greater recycling efforts. According to a press release, Coca-Cola Japan teamed up with Oita city officials to install the bins. This project is a part of the Change for the Blue initiative. Change for the Blue aims to eliminate marine debris among other environmentally conscious goals.

The official website shares more about the Attack on Titan trash and recycling cans, including where they are located in Oita. Currently, three locations are highlighted. Those who wish to see the Titans in person should note they are short-lived. The trash cans will disappear on November 22.

Attack on Titan Monster Trash Cans Are Now Consuming Litter_1

Change for the Blue

This is the second round of Attack on Titan trash receptacles to hit Oita. Earlier in the year, a bin for collecting polyethylene terephthalate bottles was also installed.

We can’t fight Titans in reality, but we sure can feed them. Just differently than we might if we were in Attack on Titan‘s universe. Less literally. Which we’re all thankful for. And, in a sense, that does help to fight for humanity. So even if we don’t have an Attack on Titans trash can leering at us, we can all pretend we do! That said… we wouldn’t mind some fun trash cans. The reward system always works!

Featured Image: Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Co., Ltd/ Change for the Blue

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