Artist Transforms Herself into Squidward Using Only Drugstore Makeup

We’ve seen how terrifying hyper-realistic versions of SpongeBob SquarePants characters can look when brought to life with a 3D-printer, but those static figures are downright adorable compared to this talented makeup artist’s lifelike recreation of Bikini Bottom’s grumpiest denizen Squidward.

But while he might not be a sight for sore eyes, he is an impressive one, because she transformed herself solely by using items and makeup she purchased from a drugstore.

Artist and YouTuber Mykie‘s latest video (which we first saw at BuzzFeed) made us green with envy over her impressive skills. Without any high-end FX makeup, but instead with everyday items like a shower cap for Squidward’s head and a condom for his nose, she completely turned herself into SpongeBob’s cranky neighbor.

Okay, definitely can’t un-see that. Not to mention now when we watch SpongeBob we’re definitely going to think about what Squidward’s nose looks like. (Maybe don’t share this new perspective with the kids.) However, this was still incredible to watch, especially because she dramatically upped the difficulty level compared to the last time she turned herself into a character from the show.

You know what? We hope we never meet anyone from Bikini Bottom in person. They might look cute in their own home under the sea, but if there is one thing we’ve learned from talented artists, it’s that when they come ashore they all turn into horrible monsters.

What other animated character would you like to see this makeup artist recreate next? Tell us in our comments section below which cartoon would be your top choice?

Featured Image: Glam&Gore

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