Artist Creates Intricate Sketches with an Analog Typewriter

James Cook is a maestro of a very specific type of artwork: analog typewriter artwork. Cook posts his typewriter art to YouTube and Instagram, charting the process from start to finish. If you want something mesmerizing to watch, check out this video he posted back in December 2019 ( which we found via BoingBoing), where he traveled around the Essex countryside and set up shop. The result? Beautiful typewriter artwork inspired by the English architecture.

He posted an update video—vol. 2—this August of more Essex artwork created on his typewriter. Here’s the description from his YouTube video:

An image of a building in Essex and a sketch made from a typewriter held up for comparison. James Cook on YouTube

This is vol. 2 of the production of my typewriter art from various scenes around the Essex countryside in the summer of 2020. The three “typicitions” were drawn from observation at the historic Layer Marney Tower, Tollesbury Marina and Thaxted Parish Church. These drawings were typed on my 73″ Silverreed 200 and I managed to get through a couple of ribbons on these pieces of work!

A peek at Cook’s Instagram page shows even more incredible artwork, including portraits “sketched” on his typewriters, like this one of Tom Hanks.

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And this one of Beethoven.

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Cook’s art is so impressive that he was even featured on Good Morning Britain in the U.K., where he brought a portrait of host Ben Shephard. His work is shockingly precise, given that he’s creating all of this with typewriter keys and ink!

Oh, and if you’re a Whovian, James Cook has another treat waiting for you on his YouTube page: a time lapse video dedicated to recreating the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, on his 50’s Oliver Courier typewriter.

We’re always so impressed to see how people put their unique artwork skills to practice. James Cook is quite a talent and we can’t wait to follow him and see what beautiful typewriter art he whips up next.

Featured Image: James Cook

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