Artist Recreates Movie Scenes With Cutouts and Household Items

Over the last several years, British artist Rich McCor, also known as Paperboyo, has created memorable art with paper cutouts juxtaposed against real life locations to create something unique. But, given the current pandemic, McCor is stuck at home in quarantine just like the rest of us.

Nevertheless, he still has his passion for creating art. And thanks to the folks at Laughing Squid, we’ve learned that McCor is using this lockdown time to pay homage to his favorite movies, all using ordinary items he found around his home. You can check out but a few of them down below:

Indiana Jones is looking to fend off some Ark-stealing Nazis with this iPhone charger.

Speaking of World War II heroes, Captain America is going to make sure that toast pays for what it did to Bucky.

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We all know that 007 can turn just about anything he finds into a weapon, so why not this bathroom spray?

If this Scarface-inspired image was a poster, it would have been framed hanging in the home of every celebrity home ever seen on MTV’s Cribs.

These Jurassic Park velociraptors are about to do to that bottle opener what they did to that hunter, Robert Muldoon, back in the first film. Just be sure to try and not knock over that glass of wine with your tail.

Captain Jack’s hair never looked better, quite frankly.

So this is an actual historical figure and not a scene from a movie, but it’s still fantastic. It looks as if McCor finally found a trap from which Harry Houdini can not escape from.

Hopefully, once quarantine is lifted for everyone, McCor can take his cutout art back into the world, and continue to create cool stuff, like this Clark Kent transforming into Superman in the streets of Berlin.

For more of McCor’s insanely cool creations, be sure to head on over to his Instagram and Facebook pages, and check out this YouTube video showcasing how McCor manages to create these amazing works of miniature art from our favorite movies.

Featured Image: YouTube / Elle Decor

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