Arrows Get Sliced in Half in Mid-Air in Super Slow Motion

If you handed me a katana sword and said the only thing I had to do with it is avoid cutting myself or anyone else, I’d be even odds (at best) to accomplish that task. If you gave me a katana sword and asked me to slice an arrow in half in mid-air there would be multiple fatalities. That’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see Deadpool do, not an actual human, and yet that’s exactly what The Slow Mo Guys did in their latest video. Dan and Gavin filmed themselves firing an arrow and cutting it in half, all in super slow-motion. And what’s even more amazing than them pulling it off was how easy it was to do. Until it wasn’t.

It’s INSANE how close the arrow gets to Dan before he even starts his swing. Those are some quick reflexes.

And I thought his guess it would require him roughly 30 attempts to accomplish this seemingly absurd idea was super optimistic. Getting it on the first try, and then pulling it off again and again, seems impossible even after watching him do it. Slicing an arrow in half sounds like the kind of legend someone tells about a mythical samurai. You only expect to see that sort of thing in the Mulan trailer.

But just like Icarus flying too close to the Sun, Dan and Gavin had to push their luck with a stubby arrow pieced together from broken parts, resulting in a costly end of day misfire.

“Oh no” indeed. To protect their equipment they either needed to put up a protective shield in front of the camera or a guy in a tattered lab coat holding a sword.

Seriously, who would have guessed you’d have better odds of slicing an arrow in half in mid-air with a katana sword than you would shooting a stubby arrow straight? Not that I could do either. I probably would have cut the whole camera in half. And also Dan and Gavin.

Featured Image: The Slow Mo Guys

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