Samurai Sword Fight in Midair with (Real?) Jetpacks

OK, first things first here: This video of two samurai battling it out in midair with their katanas is 99.999% most definitely just special effects. But since we don’t know that for sure–the video’s creator hasn’t revealed the truth yet–we think it’s reasonable to give the ol’ bird to the odds and just say look at these two samurai fighting in midair! The coolness factor here is exploding our faces.

The video, which comes via  SoraNews24, was made by Japanese director, actor, and inventor, Shota Mori. Mori, the man who was previously made somewhat famous by his iPhone quickdraw system, applied his insane craftiness here to making this midair duel come to life. All we can say is that this is literally some high art.

Mori made the video for the monster Japanese conglomerate Softbank as a part of a public relations initiative likely linked to promoting science and technology in schools. According to SoraNews24, the exact academic fields Softbank is supporting remains unclear.

Aside from having brilliant special effects, this midair katana battle also plants the seeds of inspiration for an insanely awesome new sport: Jet Samurai. Seriously, the video is called “Jet Samurai — Let’s Think About Future Sports.”

Oh, and on top of the jetpack duel, Mori also made this hilarious video with a super-extending selfie stick, which again shows off his ability to nail fun, intricate special effects.

What do you think about these crazy, almost surreal clips? Is Mori a magician? Do you want a selfie stick that can extend out 90 feet? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Softbank

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