Surprise, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Is Staying on Netflix

Don’t worry. Arrested Development is not leaving Netflix after all. In February, the streamer put a removal date on the show, including the seasons it produced. However, as Vulture reports, Netflix made a new licensing deal with Disney to secure the streaming rights for Arrested Development. An insider told Vulture this deal means Hulu has to give up its rights for streaming the first three seasons of the Fox series, too. That will make Netflix the exclusive home for the Bluths and their banana stand. The streamer confirmed the news on Twitter on Friday:

Fox canceled Arrested Development in 2006 after its first three seasons. It received acclaim from critics and a dedicated fanbase, but never established a foothold in ratings. Netflix announced their intention to resurrect the comedy in 2012. The streamer premiered season four of Arrested Development in 2013 and wrapped the series with season five in 2018 and 2019.

Gob, dressed as a banan, talks to Michael in Arrested Development
20th Century Studios

Content is shuffling around streamers these days, but the news about Arrested Development‘s possible departure from Netflix was surprising. Now, we don’t have to worry about it. You can visit your friends Lucille, Michael, Buster, and everyone else on Netflix whenever you’d like.

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