The Worlds of STAR WARS and More as Architectural Renderings

When if comes to figuring out where to live, an architect can bring your vision to life. Models and sketches help you envision how many bathrooms you want, what kind of kitchen, whether you want to be under the water of Lake Paonga on Naboo… you get the picture.

Artist’s renderings take you from concept to reality, which is why these hand-drawn images of sci-fi’s most famous locales feel so realistic. In the Star Wars universe, you’ll see Cloud City, Jabba’s Palace, and Maz Kanata’s Castle are sketched out into 3D realizations of their concepts. Even the Kaminoan Cloning Facility is represented, in case you’ve always been wondering what that looked like fully formed.

The Worlds of STAR WARS and More as Architectural Renderings_1

As for  Game of Thrones’ Seven Kingdoms you’ll find Dragonstone, Riverrun, and Casterly Rock—here they’re all drawn with incredible detail that would make you want to book a visit… if not for all the death and dragons and whatnot.

The Worlds of STAR WARS and More as Architectural Renderings_2

Harry Potter architecture, Studio Ghibli, and Skyrim get the full rendering treatment as well. And in case you ever want to present a sketch to your contractor to build your own Asgardian Palace, you can find that among the Marvel universe architectural drawings.

The Worlds of STAR WARS and More as Architectural Renderings_3

It makes sense that these fun artistic takes are on since they’re a site that helps you find contractors for your projects. So go ahead and get to building your very own real-life Hogwarts, the project will practically pay for itself in returns!

See more of the stunning fictional architectural renderings on

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