Monster Ornament Set Gives Christmas Some Halloween Flair

The most wonderful time of the year is about kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer. Sure. But remember, like Andy Williams said, it’s also about sharing scary ghost stories too. And this Christmas you can celebrate the spookier side of the season with more than just A Christmas Carol and Jack Skellington. You can decorate your tree with a set of ornaments based on classic monsters. And they look so good we might just keep them up all year.

Monster Ornament Set Gives Christmas Some Halloween Flair_1Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee wants you to “have yourself a monstrous little Christmas” with its delightful new set of monster ornaments ($24.95). It comes with three glass decorations, each measuring 3.5-inches tall, based on the heads of iconic horror figures.

From Archie McPhee’s official description:

“Once a year, monsters stop lurking in the shadows and step out to warm themselves by the yule log and sing a few rounds of Christmas carols. Of course, like Santa Claus, monsters see you while you’re sleeping, but unlike him, they don’t care if you’ve been bad or good; they’ll haunt anybody! This set of three 3-1/2″ hand-blown glass monster-themed ornaments is a shiny, round fancy Frankenstein’s monster, a wow-inducing werewolf and a vibrant vampire. Guaranteed to give your Christmas tree the ambiance of a Transylvanian castle.”

The set includes Frankenstein’s monster. There’s also a vampire who is definitely Dracula. And the werewolf sure does look an awful lot like Lon Chaney Jr.’s character from 1941’s The Wolf Man.

Monster Ornament Set Gives Christmas Some Halloween Flair_2Archie McPhee

The “fancy monster heads” glossy finish and chromatic color scheme means these ornaments won’t diminish from even the most traditional Christmas trees. But they will still add some Halloween flair. They’re a great way to combine two of our favorite seasons, both the spookiest and most wonderful.

But we might keep them up for all the other seasons, too.

Featured Image: Archie McPhee

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