ARCHER Getting an “After Hours” Post-Episode Talk Show

This month our favorite hard-drinking spy returns for his tenth season, but not for more international intrigue. The gang will head to space for a sci-fi adventure, in Archer: 1999. But that’s not the only new frontier the show will travel to, because Archer is also heading to Facebook for a new companion series, with a post-episode talk show, Archer After Hours, hosted by two of our favorite cast members.

Following the season premiere on Wednesday, May 29, Amber Nash, who voices Pam Poovey, and Lucky Yates, who plays Dr. Krieger, will host a livestream after series that FXX describes as part “talk show, sketch show, and party.” During the show, they will “connect with, celebrate, and have fun with Archer fans via special guest interviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, cosplay spotlights, and more.”

Two other episodes of After Hours have been ordered to stream following the June 26 and July 24 episodes. There will be plenty to discuss this season too, as the show makes the move to its third straight fantasy season (ever since Archer went into a coma in the season seven finale). This time the whole gang will head out on the M/V Seamus salvage ship, where “an important question arises as they explore deep space and try to outsmart giant aliens, intergalactic pirates, and vicious bounty hunters: how do they survive each other?”

Probably with lots of space alcohol.

Archer will play the ship’s captain; Lana is his co-captain and “short-tempered” ex-wife; Malory is his mother and ball of energy; Cheryl/Carol is an “eagle-eye fighter pilot;” Figgus is an “attention-seeking First Mate;” Pam is “the crew’s rock monster muscle;” Ray is the “out-of-place-in-space courtesan;” and Krieger is the ship’s “synthetic human with questionable morals.”

All of this would sound very insane for almost any other show, but not for Archer. Though things will probably get silly when we talk about it After Hours.

Featured Image: FXX

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