ARCHER: 1999 Heads to Space for Sci-Fi Silliness

Between Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones‘ final season, we’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes recently to some of our favorite pop culture properties. This is springtime though, the season of rebirth. And fortunately one of the best series on television is set to return this month. As the promos for the tenth season of Archer show, in space no one can hear you scream….but you can hear your annoying shipmates who are responsible for all of the yelling.

Archer 1999 is the third straight season with a fantasy setting; Archer went into a coma at the end of season seven. The eighth season was Archer Dreamland, a 1940s noir that saw him working as a private investigator in Hollywood. Season nine, Archer: Danger Island, was an action-adventure story on a tropical Pacific island in 1938.

Now Archer: 1999 is sending the whole gang to space, in an Alien tribute teased in the final scene of the last season.

That “Mother” reference is perfect. But Jessica Walter’s Malory will still play a human character this year, as will Lucky Yates’ Krieger, who voiced a bird on Danger Island.

Pam will play an alien, which already looks like an inspired decision.

FXX has released some other short clips from the season, which promise that just because the action is going intergalactic, it doesn’t mean the character dynamics are going to be any different.

Figgis is still going to have to deal with Archer’s abuse.

And no surprise, putting Krieger in a spaceship won’t make him any less reckless.

The show also looks like it will be inspired by other sci-fi stories like Star Wars and Star Trek, as this clip reminds us a lot of The Empire Strike Back if Cheryl was there to drive Han Solo crazy.

Also, since all of this takes place in Archer’s imagination, we now know he is pansexual.

After all of the goodbyes we’ve had to say this spring, we can’t wait to say hello again to one of our favorite shows. We can’t wait to hear all that screaming in space.

Archer: 1999 premieres on FXX on May 29, 2019.

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Featured Image: FXX

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