Take AQUAMAN Home with This Incredible Statue

It’s only a couple of weeks until you can dive into the ocean and spend some quality time with Aquaman. James Wan’s vision for the iconic DC character hits screens nationwide on December 21, and now Sideshow Toys is giving you the chance to take Jason Momoa’s king of the seas home with their unbelievable statue which you can preorder right now.Who doesn’t want to have a lovely monument to Jason Momoa in their home? Well now you can live out that fantasy with this incredibly detailed and pretty offering. This 25″ statue is utterly wonderful and completely over the top as is the official description from Sideshow “The deep-sea hero stands atop an Atlantean architecture base far beneath the waves, with fluttering kelp, coral, and barnacle details setting the scene. Carved stony tentacles wrap the base, and the Aquaman insignia proudly sits in the center of the display.” Jason Momoa Arthur Curry and tentacles? It’s a match made in heaven, and of course we’re completely obsessed with his classic orange and green costume, and original gold trident (R.I.P Fivedent, you won’t be missed!) As is always the way with Sideshow Toys they have put in a lot of work to make this worth the hefty price tag of around $600, committing to beautifully rendering his costume, pecs, crotch, and most importantly that luscious hair floating as if it was in the warm sun-dappled saltwater of his domain. This statue also comes with a swap out hand featuring the mask of his foe/half-brother Ocean Master, just in case you like your King of the Sea a little more dominant, you can check out even more images of this masterpiece in our gallery below.Give Aquaman permission to board by preordering your hot Arthur Curry statue right here!

Images: Sideshow, DC, Warner Bros.


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