QUANTUMANIA Meets QUANTUM LEAP in Our 1989-Inspired Mashup

Disney+’s Loki showed why time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot more complicated than we realized. But we had no idea just how true that is until we recently went through an old box of VHS tapes. Turns out the MCU has been hopping around the Sacred Timeline for a lot longer than we knew. It all started decades ago, when the franchise’s tiniest hero and his friends tried to make their way back to their own reality in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 1989.

Before they headed to the big screen Scott, Hope, Janet, Hank, Cassie, and Kang traveled through time on the silver screen. They starred in their own take on the classic ( and currently rebooted) beloved TV series Quantum Leap. Well, we think it was them on the show. There’s no way of knowing if it was really Scott Bakula at any point.

They didn’t need a fancy machine to bounce around the Quantum Realm, though. They just needed our team behind this newest Nerdist Remix. Edited by Matt Caron, this quantum crossover features narration from Maude Garrett and VFX and graphics from Charles Shattuck.

Scott Land and Hop Van Dyne in their Ant-Man and Wasp costume against an '80's style TV banner featuring Quantum Leap graphics
Marvel Studios/Nerdist

Ziggy didn’t help with this mashup at all. (In fact, he just kept telling us there was a 45% chance no one under 27 would get a Ziggy reference.) Maybe if that stupid computer had ever learned to be useful Ant-Man and the Wasp wouldn’t still be stuck in Quantum Realm 30 years later.

All we can hope is that one day they’ll make a Quantumania Leap home.

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