How Quantum Mechanics Makes Ant-Man the Most Powerful Avenger

Of all Marvel’s mighty Avengers, who is the most powerful?

Would it be Dr. Strange, with his command of time and space? Would it be the Hulk, with his incredible strength? Or might it be a hero you wouldn’t expect? I think that Ant-Man may in fact be the most powerful Avenger, and possible the savior of the MCU, because quantum mechanics is powerfully weird. In my latest episode of Because Science, I’m attempting to give a whirlwind tour of maybe the most confusing and non-intuitive area of science: how quantum mechanics says the universe actually works. Because of a number of odd and fascinating properties, if Scott Lang truly did have the power of the quantum, he could pick where and when he existed, and he might even be able to change the past, or bring about a different future…

One without buff Grimace.

But to find out just how weird the MCU is about to get (maybe), you’ll have to watch my latest episode above!

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