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Everything We Know About the INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE TV Series

After years of ups and downs, Anne Rice’s beloved Vampire Chronicles novels are making their way to television. AMC snagged the rights to two of the late author’s supernatural series: Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. The deal encompasses 18 of Rice’s novels in total, spanning over 45 years of supernatural storytelling. Like the novels, the vampires and the witches will live in a shared universe. The new deal with AMC centers on television, but will also include movies and internet content. Here’s everything we know about the author’s gothic world headed to the small screen.


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Like the 1994 film, show’s name, Interview with the Vampire, derives from the first novel in the Vampire Chronicles series.

Interview with the Vampire’s Plot

The show’s plot is still firmly under wraps. But given its very thorough source material, we know the bare bones. For instance, set in New Orleans, the series follows the vampires Lestat and Louis. (Although, for all we know at this point the series deviates heavily from the novels. Still, it covers the basics.) Additionally, the series shares a universe with the upcoming Mayfair Witches series

We glimpsed a few seconds of the series—five seconds total, specifically—in a larger look at the AMC+ 2022 slate. It gives us the first look at Lestat and Louis and it already looks chaotic. We need more.

Behind the Scenes

Rolin Jones, who co-created the Perry Mason reboot, is showrunner and executive producer for Interview with the Vampire. Mark Johnson, an executive producer on a number of AMC series, including Breaking Bad, Halt and Catch Fire, and Better Call Saul, is executive producing as well. Veteran director Alan Taylor, who recently helmed The Many Saints of Newark and is behind a handful of Game of Thrones episodes, directs the first two episodes.

Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire
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Notably, Rice, who passed away in late 2021, and her son, Christopher, were actively involved in the series’ development. The pair serve as executive producers on Interview with a Vampire and subsequent series set in the same universe. So while we still don’t have all the plot details, the show does have the Anne Rice stamp of approval.

Interview with the Vampire‘s Cast
Jacob Anderson as Louis in Interview with the Vampire

Australian actor Sam Reid and Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson lead the cast as Lestat and Louis. (Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, respectively, played those roles in the 1994 film adaptation.) Bailey Bass, who appears in a major role in James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, is Claudia. Christian Robinson and Kalyne Coleman also appear, per Variety. The latter plays Louis’s sister Grace, while Robinson is her love interest, Levi. Eric Bogosian will play investigative journalist Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater played this character in the movie). Additionally Maura Grace Athari plays Antoinette a blues singer that, per Deadline has a relationship with Lestat that “disrupts our two vampires’ domestic tranquility.”

Interview with the Vampire’s Release Date

Interview with the Vampire is set for a fall 2022 release.

Originally published on July 18, 2018.

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