Analyzing the Zodiac Signs of ANIMAL CROSSING Villagers

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have noticed that each villager has their own birthday and thus, their own Star Sign. The “Star Sign” is their zodiac sign, and it can be extremely indicative of each villager’s personality. When choosing which Animal Crossing villagers to keep on your island, you may want to consult their Star Signs to get a better idea of what they will bring to the table.

Not sure whether Raymond is a Leo or Meringue is an Aries? We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers, their Star Signs, and what those signs mean. 

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If you’re an Aries, you’re one of the most passionate signs. An Aries villager will help you reach your in-game goals in any way they can, making them a great option to keep around.

Aries Villagers: Fauna, Rasher, Shari, Punchy, Biff, Eunice, Axel, Porter, Felicity, Beau, Hopper, Charlise, Vesta, Rocket, Melba, Lolly, Maelle, Celia, Pietro, Elise, Baabara, Skye, Buck, Tammi, Klaus, Paula, Grams.


A Taurus is all about comfort and shopping. If you want your house to be a cozy, stylish place, look no further than a Taurus villager. 

Taurus Villagers: Leonardo, Patti, T-Bone, Mint, Clyde, Cherri, Bunnie, Bertha, Booker, Ozzie, Coach, Phoebe, Pekoe, Agnes, Olaf,  Gayle, Kevin, Tank, Sylvia, Walt, Katt, Angus, Miranda, Biskit, Curlos, Ava, Deirdre. 


Geminis are multifaceted. A Gemini villager will help you make decisions looking at every point of view, which can definitely work in your favor. (Fun fact: Tom Nook is a Gemini!)

Gemini Villagers: Lyle, Renee, Deli, Marci, Pudge, Roscoe, Peanut, Walker, Cookie, Scoot, Alfonso, Zell, Filbert, Beltino, Camofrog, Keaton, Del, Tangy, Pippy, Hamlet, Maple, Derwin, Phineas, Graham, Lucy, Pearl, Peggy, Sally, Sydney, Bruce. 

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Cancers are the most emotional of the zodiac. If you’re looking for a villager to help you out when you get overwhelmed in the game, a Cancer is your best bet. 

Cancer Villagers: Pascal, Kurt, Bluebear, Deena, Samson, Yuka, Jeremiah, Reese, Copper, Prince, Kidd, Blaire, Broccolo, Jay, Drake, Agent S, Marina, Mary, Bree, Victoria, Caroline, Apolo, Mott, Dizzy, Croque, Frita, Tammy, Mira, Static, Chow, Jacques, Nibbles, Twiggy.


Leos are strong and confident. These villagers will have the most lavish homes and bring a sunny disposition to your island!

Leo Villagers: Lopez, Gigi, Poppy, Nate, Lionel, Truffles, Benjamin, Cole, Lelia, Nat, Validere, Peck, Wendy, Bud, Alice, Kid Cat, Frank, Eric, Bones, Grizzley, O’hare, Gloria, Rod, Rory, Rold, Soleil, Curly, Frank, Stinky, Chester, Wart Jr., Elivs, Tabby, Rocco. 


Virgos keep things nice and organized! Virgo villagers will help keep your island in tip-top shape. What better way to get that 5-star rating from Isabelle or that “A” ranking from the Happy Home Academy? 

Virgo villagers: Lottie, Octavian, Bangle, Tutu, Gruff, Flo, Henry, Fuschia, Tipper, Nana, Caesar, Whitney, Moose, Ed, Nan, Pecan, Ankha, Peewee, Cally, Rowan, Celeste, Pinky, Chrissy, Violet, Astrid, Tucker, Greta, Hazel, Ricky, Spork, Bubbles. 

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Libras live the life of luxury. If you want some stellar interior decoration skills, look no further. It should come as no surprise that Redd and Blathers are Libras.

Libra Villagers: Al, Kiki, Limberg, Monique, Cobb, Goose, Clay, Katie, Kit, Egbert, Groucho, Timbra, Teddy, Benedict, Chops, Drift, Big Top, Franklin, Kody, Mitzi, Friga, Beardo, Diva, Marshal, Lymen, Antonio, Lelani, Tex, Elmer, Apple, Hippeux, Cranston.


Scorpios are moody, dark, introspective. These villagers will be mysterious additions to your island that will help you creatively cultivate your island’s vibe. The Able Sisters are all Scorpios!

Scorpio Villagers: Portia, Jambette, Ally, Snake, Amelia, Eugene, Pancetti, Jack, Tia, Sly, Rodney, Butch, Matilda, Flip, Pango, Gaston, Claudia, Gracie, Queenie, Brofina, Lucky, Lobo, Mallary, Katrina, Iggly, Sparo, Daisy, Mac, Bam, Rodeo. 


A Sagittarius like to party! These villagers will help you organize your get-togethers and have a blast doing it. Isabelle is a Sagittarius, and is anyone surprised?

Sagittarius Villagers: Digby, Kyle, Kabuki, Knox, Sterling, Phil, Chief, Willow, Kicks, Chip, Lucha, Tom, Gabi, Bianca, Freya, Rudy, Fang, Peaches, Shep, Becky, Analise, Chadder, Monte, Roony, Blanche, Eloise, Wolfgang, Hans, Cousteau, Robin.

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Capricorns are studious villagers. They will help you to remain on track towards your goals and improve in all areas. That’s useful not just for island aesthetics, but island life in general.

Capricorn Villagers: Joan, Bob, Tiffany, Quillson, Bella, Diana, Rold, Dr. Shrunk, Poncho, Harry, Carmen, Ruby, Hugh, Vick, Marcel, Gladys, Jingle, Ken, Velma, Joey, Moe, Goldie, Pierce, Pashima, Simon, Rizzo, Pappi, Puddles. 


Aquarius villagers are straight and to the point; keeping them around will help you to think rationally when making in-game choices. 

Aquarius Villagers: Harriet, Bill, Jitters, Winny, Opal, Flurry, Annalisa, Muffy, Blanca, Gwen, Savanna, Olivia, Ronda, Kitty, Rover, Cyrus, Drago, Lily, Gingi, Flora, Dora, Francies, Stitches, Penelope, Annabelle, Aurora, Ribbet, Pompom, Margie, Frobert.


A Pisces is always dreaming in their own little world. That’s why these villagers will help you to think bigger. They’ll help you do more on your island than you might have done otherwise. 

Pisces Villagers: Luna, Cheri, Sheldon, Puck, Bonbon, Midge, Cyrono, Molly, Pate, Avery, Coco, Julian, Sprinkle, Anicotti, Hamfry, Rosie, Wendle, Anchovy, Freckles, Chevre, Gala, Pave, Zipper, Merengue, Dotty, Naomi, Zucker, Doc, Barold. 

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