Most people know Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s one hell of a legacy, but his career is much more than that. And we’re not even talking about his impressive voiceover work and director work. We loved his series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. It’s where he tested us on whether we could spot unbelievable real stories from incredible tall tales. Despite ending almost 20 years ago, a new generation has been able to enjoy his time as host. His opening segment queries make absolutely hilarious montages. And now they’re also adorable. Someone has recreated them in Animal Crossing.

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Twitter user Chris Fulkerson said he spent half his weekend recreating clips of Frakes on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction in Animal Crossing. (Worth it!) If you’re not familiar with the show this might seem totally insane. If you are familiar with the show you know for a fact it was totally insane.

Frakes hosted the anthology series from 1998 to 2002. On it, he challenged viewers to decide which seemingly impossible stories were real or not. That often led to some pretty ridiculous openings from him. Those probing queries are even more absurd when strung together.

This is the latest great TV/Animal Crossing crossover. Another player recently recreated a classic Parks & Recreation scene in the game. But while it’s hard to do better than an eagle-headed Ron Swanson, there is one proven way to improve this Jonathan Frakes tribute.

We need a slow downed Beyond Belief Jonathan Frakes in Animal Crossing. 

“Have you ever gone to sell turnips but forgot which island your friend lived on? Were you absolutely drunk when you did?”

ANIMAL CROSSING Gets a Jonathan Frakes BEYOND BELIEF Montage_1Fox

Jonathan Frakes never has to worry about his legacy. But it’s a fact Beyond Belief montages in any form are making it even better.

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