Real Animal Blood Flooded an Iowa Family’s Basement

We’re always on the lookout for strange and macabre stories, but we’re especially fond of them in October. Finding true tales of terror during the spooky season enhances our enjoyment of Halloween. Usually. Every once in a while we learn about an event that is too awful for even us to savor, because it leaves a bad taste in our mouths. And in this case, we mean that literally because we can taste this nightmare. A family in Iowa discovered their home’s basement filled with animal blood—real animal blood, but things are somehow much worse than they sound.

WHO NBC in Central Iowa reported on the unfathomable catastrophe that has struck the Lestina family in Bagley, Iowa. Right before they were set to put their house up for sale, they discovered their basement had been flooded with five-inches of animal blood, bones, and fat, something you would only expect to happen at the Overlook. They live next to Dahl’s Meat Market, which had disposed of pig and cow parts via its floor drain. The shop shares a pipe with the Lestina home, and despite a decade without any issues, the pipes backed up, resulting in the animal remains and blood filling the family’s basement.

Warning: Don’t watch this video while eating… or thinking about eating… and maybe don’t watch it ever because it’s very, very gross.

Nick Lestina said he knew immediately what the red substance in his basement was and where it came from (we’re going to bet he figured that out thanks to the smell even before he saw it). He contacted the Iowa Department of Natural Resources which confirmed the unthinkable. The agency is investigating exactly what happened and says Dahl’s Meat Market is cooperating with them, but according to the Lestina family, their neighbors are not offering any help to them. “They haven’t reached out at all. In fact, they haven’t taken any accountability for it. They say it’s not their fault and told me ‘good luck.’ If I want to do anything about it, it’s on my dime and my schedule,” said Nick Lestina.

While the family’s belongings that were stored in the basement were destroyed, that would seem to pale in comparison to the problems this will pose for them as they try and sell their home. Not only has there been horrible damage (what will it take to get rid of the smell), how can anyone be certain it won’t happen again? And how many people will want to live in the house that once doubled as a pig and cow blood pool?

That’s a very specific, very narrow group of weird potential buyers. It’s not like many people watch this scene and think, “You know, we should do a long weekend at the hotel where blood comes out of the elevators.”

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes truth is also so much worse. If we saw a horror movie where a family’s home was flooded by animal blood, we’d love it. But seeing that actually happen to someone? Some stories are too scary even for Halloween.

Featured Image: WHO NBC

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