An Actual STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Shuttle Is for Sale on Ebay

Every true Star Trek fan wishes they could have a piece of the series somewhere in their home. In fact, some Trekkers out there with more disposable incomes have already done so, like the financier from Florida who built a Star Trek: The Next Generation era Enterprise-D bridge as his own $1.5 million dollar  home theater, or the DJ who tricked out his entire apartment, to the tune of $150,000 dollars, to look like traditional Starfleet decor. But as cool as all of those are, I’m sure that all would agree that nothing beats having an actual large-scale prop from the actual series in their house.

Now some of those very same rich Star Trek fans can make that dream come true, thanks to an auction currently up on Ebay. For a mere $150,000, you can buy Shuttlepod One from the most recent Trek series, Star Trek: Enterprise , which ran from 2001-2005. While Enterprise is arguably the least popular of all the Star Trek series,  we’re still talking about a full-scale, authentic set from one of the actual shows. If you’re a true super fan, how can you beat that? Even if you do think Captain Archer wasn’t the greatest of all the Star Trek captains.According to the auction listing, this is described as being only one of two full scale shuttles made for the series, and it includes “three separate sections and features onboard electronics to illuminate the backlit navigation panel, exterior running lights and fluorescent lights for the rear thrusters.” I’m not entirely sure where one would keep a piece of memorabilia this size, but maybe whoever wins the auction already has a three car garage converted into the Enterprise shuttle bay. (You know that person has got to be out there somewhere)The auction ends on February 13th, so if you want this bad boy in your home, better hit up that Ebay auction before it’s too late.

What do you think about this latest crazy Ebay auction? If you had the cash, would you dock the Enterprise shuttle in your home? Let us know down below in the comments.

Image: UPN/CBS

We want an authentic transporter

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