AMERICAN VANDAL Season 2 Trailer Introduces the Turd Burglar

If you haven’t already watched the first season of Netflix’s American Vandal, you should get on that in advance of season two. The second season’s trailer came out today, and it looks to be every bit as goofily brilliant as the first.

Season one followed Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund, two high school students and amateur documentarians seeking the truth in a curious case of vandalism involving the spray-painting of penises on every car in the faculty parking lot. Over time, this turned into a crusade to prove the innocence of the accused, a lovable burnout named Dylan Maxwell.

Netflix’s original series can be pretty hit or miss, but the first season of American Vandal was as fresh and as funny as any current comedy, streaming or otherwise. Now, knowing the plot of season two—Peter and Sam’s pursuit of a dastardly, diarrhea-spreading villain at a private high school—I’m pretty sure that’s not about to change.

Naturally, I’ve already discussed the trailer with my fellow fandals, and no one seems too thrilled about the absence of Dylan. I’ll also miss a few of the side characters, though I have high hopes for the kid who gravely reads the “Milk, milk, lemonade” missive in the new trailer. Regardless, the shift from saving the innocent to catching the guilty is a welcome one; it’s great that Peter and Sam aren’t doing the same thing twice. And maybe their visual renderings of lurid happenings at summer camp will be even more professional this time around. (Seriously, watch the first season.)

Season two drops September 14. I’m not saying I’m calling in sick that day, but I’m not not saying it.

What did you love most about American Vandal? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Netflix

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