AHS: 1984 Opening Credits are Totally Awesome

We are only a few weeks away from the ninth season premiere of American Horror Story. (How have we reached nine seasons already?!)  The latest cycle of the FX anthology series goes full retro once again with AHS: 1984. And now series creator Ryan Murphy has released the totally tubular ’80s-inspired opening credits via Instagram.

The sequence was created by longtime AHS opening credits creator Kyle Cooper, along with AHS super fan Corey Vega. When AHS: 1984 was first announced, Vega created his own ’80s-style opening and posted it to Twitter. Murphy was so impressed he brought him on board to help with the real thing. You can see Vega’s totally gnarly original version down below:

The new season is inspired by the slasher films of that era, specifically the summer camp horrors like Friday the 13th. But as the new opening credits sequence suggests, we are getting a ton of ’80s-specific references on this season. The synth style version of the classic AHS musical theme evokes almost every movie and TV show of that time period, when everyone got a little too synth happy.

There are also references to the aerobics craze—popularized by Jane Fonda, Cher, and every other celebrity that could get their own VHS work out tape—as well as some sweet breakdancing moves. 1984 was the year of both Breakin‘ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo after all. And there are few images of the American flag and Ronald Reagan. 1984 was the year he won his bid for second term, and between that and the U.S. hosting the Olympics that year, the nation was in a very patriotic moment. We’re curious as to what other ’80s throwbacks AHS throws at us this year. There’s gotta be at least one Mr. T reference, right?

Images: FX Networks

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