AMERICAN GODS Canceled, Could Return as a TV Movie

Starz has canceled American Gods, the network’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved fantasy novel, after three seasons. But don’t despair viewers, your prayers may be answered yet. The show could return for an event series or movie to finish the story.

THR reports that Starz has shut down the temple of American Gods due to a 65% decline in ratings since the show’s superb first season. The news comes just one week after the series completed its third, and now final, season. However, the network also said they are in discussion with producers from Freemantle. There is a chance for an event series or film to complete the story.

Shadow Moon in a suit with purple shirt looks surprised on American GodsStarz

Viewers who have stuck with the show will be happy to get a finale of any kind. But it’s doubtful the show’s cancellation has surprised even them. Starring Ian McShane and Ricky Whittles, the series brought Neil Gaiman’s epic 2001 novel of the same name to the screen in a much anticipated adaptation. However, offscreen issues have marred the series since its first highly-rated season.

Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left after season one. As a result of their departures, Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth also left. New showrunner Jesse Alexander was then replaced himself late into season two. Amidst all the upheaval, the show took a dive in both viewers and critical acclaim in the second season. Things really took a turn for the worse, though, when series standout Orlando Jones was fired just prior to season three’s production. Jones shared his issues publicly, in what proved to be the most controversial backstage story for a series that couldn’t seem to avoid them.

A recurring character in season one of American Gods, Orlando Jones took on a bigger role even behind the scenes in the show's second year.Starz

Those problems likely wouldn’t have mattered if ratings remained high. And they still won’t for viewers who are praying they really do get some closure to Shadow Moon’s journey through the world of gods.

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