This Humanoid Robot Likes to Mirror Your Expressions in Real Time

By this point, chances are you’ve seen the incredibly lifelike Ameca robot. The “Future Face of Robotics,” as their parent company Engineered Arts calls it, is creepily human-looking, with extremely lifelike facial movements. So much so, that it might make you run in the other direction if you ever see one for real. Recent upgrades in the tech have made it so the Ameca robot has even more facial expressions than before.

Now, thanks to Boing Boing, we’ve discovered a video that shows how recent upgrades have allowed for the Ameca to imitate facial expressions in real-time. An iPhone 12 captured the facial expressions from a volunteer with Apple’s ARKit and the Ameca robot copied every expression he made. The video below is both fascinating and a little offputting. Get ready to welcome your new robot overlords.

Honestly, the robot’s smiles are the true nightmare fuel. Of course, it brings to mind similar robots from pop culture. Some liken it to the T-8000 from the Terminator films. It also looks just like the robots from the Bjork music video “ All Is Full of Love.” But creepy or not, it is amazing that robotic technology has advanced so much as to create something that has such a wide range of human facial expressions.

The Ameca robot mimicking human facial expressions.
Engineered Arts

We’re not sure what the practical purpose of having an anthropomorphic robot looking so lifelike is. Beyond amusement park attractions of course. ( Disney Parks are going to have to upgrade every animatronic in Pirates of the Caribbean soon at this rate). But it’s astonishing to see nevertheless. Now, let us just hope that when the singularity happens and all the robots become self-aware, they don’t judge us too harshly. (Not that we don’t have it coming). You can see other Ameca robot demonstrations on the Engineered Arts YouTube channel.

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