AMC Theatres Introduces Its Own Version of MoviePass

While the longterm survival of MoviePass remains an ongoing question, the subscription service has become very popular since it introduced its “unlimited”-films-per-month plan. But now, one of the largest movie theater companies in America is countering with its own subscription service. And while AMC Stubs A-List doesn’t offer as many films as MoviePass does, it may still be an enticing opportunity for film lovers.

Via Slash Film, AMC Theatres’ own Stubs A-List will be a movie subscription service that charges fans $19.99 a month and lets them see three movies a week. That’s roughly twice as expensive as MoviePass, and with far fewer films per month. However, AMC’s service allows fans to see the same movie more than once and it also lets them watch more than one film per day. Additionally, AMC allows Stubs A-List members to use the service the same day they sign up. By comparison, MoviePass still has restrictions on repeat viewings, multiple screenings in a single day, and occasionally long waits for the MoviePass card to arrive.There are additional perks for AMC Stubs A-List users, including the ability to select IMAX, 3D, and Dolby Cinema screenings at any of AMC’s theaters across the country. The service also has the benefits of the AMC Premiere Card by waiving online ticket fees, offering free upgrades for popcorn and fountain drinks, and letting subscribers earn points for the money they spend.

AMC will officially launch Stubs A-List on Tuesday, June 26. You can find more info about it here.

Will AMC’s new plan give MoviePass a run for its money? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Paul Sableman/Flickr

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