All the Easter Eggs We Found in MS. MARVEL Episode 5

Ms. Marvel‘s penultimate episode is a heartfelt one, heavy on great storytelling and emotional notes. But that doesn’t mean that episode five of Ms. Marvel didn’t leave room for some fun Easter eggs and other Marvel references and treats. As we continue the journey of Kamala Khan and her family, here are some added bonuses. Take a look at all the Ms. Marvel episode five Easter eggs we spied.

In Ms. Marvel episode five, we delve into the MCU history of Kamala Khan and learn about events that unfolded in the past. Of course, in this case, past events don’t stay in the past, and it turns out that Kamala herself travels back in time to help save her family. The “trail of stars” that saved her grandmother as Kamala’s family tried to flee to safety so many years ago is actually Kamala’s hard light. Kamala’s time-traveling stint can be seen as a predestination paradox or casual loop. We’ve seen time travel in the MCU before, but this is definitely something new.

Ms. Marvel, Kamala saving her grandmother with her powers for Ms. Marvel Easter eggs piece
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After Kamala saves her grandmother, she returns again to the present. There, we get a bit of an Inhumans reference, at least visually. We find Kamala, Kareem, and the ClanDestine before an energy rift known as “The Veil,” a barrier between the Noor Dimension and our reality. But it’s not a very welcoming place. And as Fariha tries to touch it, it envelops her in a purple crystalline cocoon and then eviscerates her. The moment brings to mind Terrigenesis, the process wherein those exposed to Terrigen mists would become enveloped by them in a cocoon-like way as it activated their inhuman abilities. But this is likely just a visual nod to the Inhumans since the MCU has clearly separated Kamala and her powers from this origin story.

Ms. Marvel gets her comic accurate lightening bolt necklace in an episode five easter egg
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More relevant to our story, is that when Najma whispers Kamran’s name into the veil it seems to unlock powers within him. In the comics, Kamran debuts in Ms. Marvel #13 and develops inhuman abilities like Ms. Marvel’s. So it makes sense he has been given his abilities in the show. Kamran’s powers are right out of the comics and include bioluminescence and control over biokinetic energy.

Most powerful of all the Ms. Marvel Easter eggs in this episode though is the continuing transformation of Kamala’s costume into its final form. Kareem gives Kamala a red scarf, representing the Red Daggers, and Muneeba returns Kamala her necklace. Once, it spelled the word “Kamala” in Urdu, but now it has transformed into a lightning bolt. Both of these tokens are iconic pieces of Ms. Marvel’s comic book costume. Alongside Bruno’s mask, the show cleverly reveals the changes it has made to Kamala’s character, all while keeping the heart of her comics origins. Now, instead of an homage to Captain Marvel, Kamala’s outfit threads her life, friends, and history together.

It looks like we’re heading back to Jersey for the end of the action. Even though Ms. Marvel only has one episode left, we’re sure we’ll be unpacking the action and Easter eggs for a long time to come.

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