Alison Brie Dances Fancy in Edgar Wright’s Video for Beck’s ‘Colors’

If you’ve seen Baby Driver, you know it’s  a no-brainer that Edgar Wright ought to be directing music videos. If you’ve seen his original Ant-Man test footage, you also know that he can do wonders with people in colored costumes doing crazy moves. Both elements and more come together in this kinetic video for Beck‘s song “Colors.” The song is about a woman who helps the singer see and feel colors everywhere. Alison Brie plays that role in the video, leading dance numbers performed by what looks like an offshoot species from whatever planet the Blue Man Group hails. Still looking like a kid even in middle age, Beck joins in with childlike enthusiasm rather than more adult hot-and-heavy romance.

Wright nods back to classic cinema with a revolving stage that looks like a zoetrope from the side and a Busby Berkeley number from above. The blue people are joined by yellow people, sometimes appearing inside each other, and an animated yellow line leads the way.

But isn’t that limiting, for a song about all colors, to just have two primary ones, you might ask? Hang in there till the end. She may teach him how to see color, but he’s not going to get it immediately. Eventually, however, of course the voice of Unikitty is going to open up a world of color.

What do you think of Edgar Wright going more surreal in his storytelling? Would you like to see him do more music videos, and if so, for whom? Let us know in comments.

Image: YouTube/Beck

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