Behold, an ‘Alien King’ Sculpture Made From Recycled Tires

It’s always the right time to celebrate Aliens. The sci-fi horror flick holds a special place in fans’ hearts for 35 years as the first sequel to the successful Alien franchise. And there’s no better way to honor the film’s deadly antagonists than with giant replicas in their honor. Artist and craft extraordinaire Cao Shengge made an extremely gorgeous yet terrifying “Alien King” replica from 200 used tired.

This incredible build, brought to our attention via Laughing Squid, is based on Sideshow Collectibles’ “Alien King” maquette. The collectible item came out back in 2016 in honor of Aliens’ 30th anniversary. It was meant to complement the film’s iconic Queen Xenomorph. While the collectible stands at 20 inches, Shengge’s Alien King sculpture is the size of a human. It seems like something of this scale would take months to craft. However, Shengge reveals that it only took him 20 days to bring Alien King to life.

An accompanying video shows the incredible process and gives us a close-up of its wonderful details. (The video production quality is also great too.) We get to see it all from the framework to the painstaking effort of securing pieces of tires to bring this monster to life. And, on top of transforming tires into an alien, the artwork is stunning. The talent truly jumps out because, well, this looks super difficult.

photo of Alien King tire sculpture based off Aliens movie

TireMan Cao Shengge/ YouTube

As one would expect, Shengge is a wizard with tire sculptures. His YouTube page TireMan Cao Shengge has several videos of his masterpieces. His tire creations include Venom, Eren Yaeger, Godzilla, and Kong. (No word on who won the rubber Godzilla vs. Kong battle.) There is enough content on his page to get lost for a while, so viewer beware. We are not responsible for any YouTube rabbit holes.

Thankfully, this Alien King isn’t alive and trying to kill you.

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