Alexa’s STAR WARS Jokes Are So Bad, They’re Good

Who needs an astromech droid when you have the Amazon Echo around? To celebrate May the 4th, Alexa has some hidden Star Wars messages of her own. Okay, it’s not the Death Star plans the Echo is smuggling—you do need a trusty astromech for that—but with Alexa’s assistance you can hear Easter eggs and Star Wars dad jokes so bad you won’t be able to stifle a groan. We adore them.

While it’s not very fun to give all of the Star Wars secrets away, here are just a few of our favorites. Pull up a seat next to your Echo and ask:

“Alexa, what’s the best Star Wars movie?” She’s not open for debate on this one, sorry.

“Alexa, tell me a Star Wars fact.” You’ll hear new-to-you behind the scenes tidbits from the prequel trilogy and original trilogy.

“Alexa, what is the Jedi Code?” You don’t have this memorized yet, Padawan? Alexa can help.

Alexa’s STAR WARS Jokes Are So Bad, They’re Good_1

She can also briefly play the role of a Jedi Master, if you can convince her to train you and teach you a Jedi Mind Trick.

The best hidden Star Wars feature on the Echo is absolutely the dad jokes that are so galactically groan-worthy you might inadvertently do your best Chewbacca impression. Frankly, these jokes are amazing. Say, “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke,” and you won’t be able to stop at listening to just one. Anyone who loves puns (which is everyone, naturally) will ask Alexa time and time again for just one more laugh.

Whether you’re chatting with Alexa, watching your favorite Star Wars movie, making a craft, baking, or however else you celebrate May the 4th, we hope you have all sorts of fun on Star Wars Day! It’s official now, did you hear?

Images: Amazon and Disney/Lucasfilm

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