ADVENTURE TIME Movie in the Works, Plus 2 Spinoff Series

Lovers of Adventure Time may have a big reason to rejoice. An Adventure Time movie is in the works. According to a release from Warner Bros. Discovery, The Adventure Time Movie is officially a go. While we don’t have many details yet, The Adventure Time Movie includes animation talent like Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale, and Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto. All of these creative talents have worked on Adventure Time before.

The Adventure Time Movie Description

As mentioned, we don’t know too much about what this Adventure Time movie will include, but a release notes that its current description is as follows: “Jake and Finn embark on their greatest adventure yet.” We can’t wait to see what that will mean.

Adventure Time Group Shot
Warner Bros.

Other Adventure Time Spinoff Series in the Works

In addition to an Adventure Time movie, two spinoff series are also said to be in development. First up is Adventure Time: Side Quests, which will take viewers back to when Finn was a daydreaming child who went on fantasy adventures with his best friend, Jake the Dog. This Adventure Time series will have standalone episodes “starring early versions of fan-favorite characters, including the sometime-villain The Ice King.” In addition, Adventure Time: Heyo BMO will be a series aimed toward younger children featuring BMO.

You can check out the full information we have about them so far below:

Adventure Time: Side Quests (Kids series, Cartoon Network)

  • DescriptionAdventure Time: Side Quests takes the Adventure Time franchise back to the early days when Finn was just a kid, excited to fight monsters and go on epic quests with his best buddy Jake. In stand-alone episodes, our heroes take on classic Adventure Time villains like The Ice King and re-connect with stand-out side characters from the original series.
  • Creative Talent: Nate Cash
  • Studio: Cartoon Network Studios

Adventure Time: Heyo BMO (Preschool series, Cartoon Network)

  • Description: In the fantastical Land of Ooo, the little robot BMO is on a new adventure! Now settled in a new neighborhood with new friends, BMO approaches each challenge he faces with his unique brand of enthusiasm and curiosity in a quest to learn and fill his database.
  • Creative Talent: Adam Muto, Ashlyn Anstee
  • Studio: Cartoon Network Studios

We’ll be excited to hear more about all of these upcoming Adventure Time offerings.

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