This ADDAMS FAMILY Mansion Model is Ghoulishly Detailed

After 82 years, it seems only fitting that the ooky spooky characters known as the Addams Family just won’t die. They debuted as a single panel cartoon in the pages of The New Yorker back in 1938. Since then, the Addams clan have jumped to live-action TV series and feature films, a Broadway musical, and more recently, a (surprisingly profitable) animated movie.

Although the Addams Family is always slightly updated for each respective era, one thing always remains constant – their amazing Gothic manor. It remains one of the most iconic houses in pop culture history. And now (via Boing Boing) we’ve discovered how an Addams Family super-fan by the name of Nick Dillinger has faithfully recreated it room by room, for an incredible replica model.

You can check out each room in this spooktacular miniature home by clicking down below:

Very Smol Addams Family Mansion

The old theme song says “their house is a museum/where people come to see ’em,” and now you can see every single room in amazing detail. Every room you’d want is on display here; from Pugsley and Wednesday’s bedrooms, to Morticia’s beloved arboretum where she snips the roses off their thorny stems. This amazing recreation even has the mansion’s basement, which has just as many rooms as the ground levels. After all, we know that’s where Gomez and Uncle Fester keep their most favorite toys, like Gomez’s model train set.

This ADDAMS FAMILY Mansion Model is Ghoulishly Detailed_1


And although there aren’t any mini-figures of the family members themselves, they are certainly there in spirit.  One can see their family portraits adorning many a room in the mansion. Yes, there is even a framed photo of baby Pubert from Addams Family Values, assuring each era of the franchise is represented. Now, I can’t tell if Uncle Fester’s late wife, the great Debbie Jelinsky (Joan Cusack), but if any eagel-eyed fan spots any Debbie references, do let us know.

Now, let’s see if someone out there is up for making a similar model the Munster’s famous home of 1313 Mockingbird Lane next. Anyone out there up to the challenge?

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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