Add Atmosphere to Your RPG Maps With These Dungeon Accessories

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When Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer throws his support behind a RPG-themed Kickstarter campaign, you know it’s worth taking a look at it. Dungeon Lair is near the end of a crowdfunding drive to fund colorful, detailed dungeon accessories, and you still have time to join in.

These miniature pieces aren’t the huge monsters or fearsome warriors that your adventuring party will be facing, but instead they set the stage to fully immerse the players in your world. Or, as the campaign puts it in the perfect analogy for game night, “A good table top game is like a good pizza. …At Dungeon Lair, we want to be the toppings for your RPG pizza.”

Thanks to the already incredible support of the campaign, all of the stretch goals have been unlocked, giving you even more miniatures for your Kickstarter bucks.

Treasure chests, rats (of course you need rats in a dungeon), tables and chairs, skulls, pottery, and more can all find new homes on your dungeon maps when you back the project. The tiny pieces are hand-painted and detailed down to the grains of the wood in the chairs and cracks in the battle axe.

Just a few days are left to back the project, so head over to Kickstarter now before it’s too late.

How else do you set the stage for your RPG campaign? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Dungeon Lair

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