Adam Savage Gets an Advance Look at Weta’s GIANT KILLER ROBOTS

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Over the last two decades, Weta Workshop has established itself as one of the top special effects companies in the world, thanks to its unforgettable contributions to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong, and several other films. Now, Weta Collectibles is looking to branch out into tabletop roleplaying games with its upcoming creation, Giant Killer Robots. After years of development, GKR is nearly ready to make its public debut in a Kickstarter campaign next month. But first, Adam Savage stopped by Weta’s office during his visit to New Zealand, where he got a firsthand look at the game.

Savage’s visit to Weta was posted to  Tested; and the footage easily conveyed just how impressed Savage was by the entire experience. While the early part of the video dealt with the title’s design process, the Weta team also explained some of the mythology behind the game. Essentially, GKR takes place in a future where Earth was devastated by war and its major cities were destroyed. Now that the corporations have come to power, they’ve decided to turn their battles over the salvage rights for each city into a sports spectacle for the masses, which includes the “Heavy Hitter” robots and the smaller robots that provide support for their larger counterparts.

While the video was light on details about the actual gaming experience, it’s hard not to share Savage’s enthusiasm for the designs. The robots are gorgeous and eye-catching, and it’s interesting to see some of the work that went into creating this new potential franchise. We’re sure that a Giant Killer Robots movie is probably years away, if it ever happens at all. But if a potential film adaptation had the same passion and attention to detail that these designs already demonstrate then it’s something we’re eager to see. For now, we’ll be happy when we finally get a chance to play GKR for ourselves.

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Image Credit: Tested

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