Adam Driver Trashes A Christmas Tree In A New SNL Promo

Saturday Night Live has had its ups and downs in recent years, but we can probably all agree that Adam Driver’s 2016 and 2018 episodes are highlights of their respective seasons. Who knew the actor–known for his impressive work on everything from HBO’s comedy TV series Girls to Martin Scorsese’s Silence to a little franchise called Star Wars–was this funny? He participated in a number of memorable sketches, further proving his versatility–not that we needed anymore proof after a career of working with directors like Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, and the Coen Brothers.

Still, we’re feeling pretty blessed that Adam Driver is coming back to Saturday Night Live this month. And naturally, his return means new promos from NBC. The first ad focuses on the post-Christmas of it all, as Driver is the first host to appear after the holiday season. We see him walk into studio 8H pumping himself up and ready to rehearse. But the floor is littered with tinsel and ornaments and wreaths and a stray Christmas tree.

A janitor motions him to clean, and at first he resists. “I’m actually hosting this week,” he informs her, before caving into her glare. Instead, he seizes the opportunity to take the Christmas tree to the curb–literally. He hoists the jolly holiday decoration over his head and throws it on the New York City street. “That’s where that goes,” he says to the tree with disdain.

It’s a silly commercial and one that perfectly captures Driver’s dry humor and anti-cheer vibe. Not that the guy doesn’t know how to have fun, but we have to imagine this is exactly how he’d deal with a Christmas tree in real life, too.

Mostly, the ad has us thinking fondly about Adam Driver Saturday Night Live sketches of yesteryear. Like the famous “ Matt the Radar Technician” clip from 2016, a parody of Undercover Boss. In it, Driver appears as his Star Wars character Kylo Ren, who goes undercover on Starkiller Base to spy on his First Order minions. The sketch has 47 million views on YouTube, in case you were doubting it’s popularity. (It’s even spawned cosplay.)

We’re also big fans of this career day sketch from 2018, where Driver plays the elderly father of Pete Davidson’s character. He talks in an old-timey diction and stomps his cane and, in doing so, has the cast of comedians in absolute stitches. Driver, naturally, never breaks character or even smiles. It’s another one of those Saturday Night Live sketches that is hilarious every single time you watch it.


Re-watching this makes us extra hyped to see what Driver has in store for his third time in studio 8H. Can we expect more Star Wars sketches? Maybe another appearance at career day? Will the famously serious actor finally break, or is that just wishful thinking? What other maniacal characters does he have in store for us? We’ll find out this Saturday, January 25 when Driver takes to the stage with musical guest Halsey.

Featured Image: Saturday Night Live

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